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Self-love, High-level Performance and Wellbeing

‘You should practice self-love.’ Who, like me, has heard this before and wondered what it actually means? It is easy to understand and use tools to help us to sleep better or improve alertness and focus, but when it comes to self-love many of us still struggle.


Read on and find greater clarity on what self-love is and isn’t, and learn how it can boost your confidence, accomplishments and overall wellbeing.


The Value of Deep Listening – to Yourself and Others.

When was the last time you paid attention to what your body was telling you, or you actively listened to others? Are you perhaps an expert in distraction and numbing your feelings, potentially risking future issues when you can no longer ignore reality? According to a recent study conducted by Ohio State University sociologists, members of Gen X and Y (1981–1996) are aging badly. This is seemingly due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the consequences that come with it, as well as rising drug and alcohol consumption. The inactive, deskbound lifestyle is affecting many of us while we work and “play” behind a screen for several hours per day, over many years. Find out why it pays off to listen deeply to yourself and those you have relationships with.

clark-tibbs-oqStl2L5oxI-unsplash Purpose

A Defined Purpose has an Extraordinary Impact on your Company’s Success

In today’s fast changing market, and with Gen Z already having more influence, defined and unique purpose, vision and mission statements will sustain, if not excel your company’s progress. It will lead to higher employee engagement and productivity, better perceived value by customers and, ultimately, profitability – all metrics that affect your organisation’s success. Companies that can fully leverage their scale, while also benefitting society, will have an extraordinary impact moving forward.

The New Resilient: Resilience with a Positive Mindset.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve just gotten a good grip on things when life suddenly throws another curve ball at you. Then again, one thing is certain: throughout our lives we will all have to manage multiple smaller and larger events that will impact our lives. Given the average life expectancy is 80+ years old, it is natural that during our lifetime we might experience loss, relationship breakdowns, significant health issues and so on.

How to turn change into success

How to Turn Change into Success

What does it take to successfully make transformational change in your life? Achieving transformational change requires not only a shift in your thinking.


Can You Transform Loss into Gratitude and Hope?

If you experience loss, in time and by helping others or practising gratitude you will feel better.

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How I Learned to Stop Comparing Myself to Others

If you catch yourself comparing yourself to others thinking, ‘they are more talented/more experienced/have a better education’, relax, it is quite normal and at times these comparisons can be helpful. 

However, at other times, comparisons can be a means through which you pick yourself apart and see everything (that you believe) is wrong with yourself. Research has found that negatively comparing yourself with others breeds feelings of envy, low self-confidence and depression. Read how to disrupt your thinking.


Breathing – the Foundation of Wellbeing and Longevity.

Polluted cities and COVID-19 brought the value of quality breathing and general health back into focus. Today, we cannot avoid news about the impact polluted air has on our health, and we all know the effect that COVID-19 has on our respirational system, especially on those with pre‑existing conditions such as diabetes. Since the 1970s, chronic disorders have been increasing; asthma and autoimmune diseases are on the rise and we are in the midst of a mental health crisis, with people feeling lonelier and more isolated than ever. So, what can you do to strengthen your immune system and maintain physical and mental health as much as possible, with only limited time on your hands?


The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing and Its Benefits.

Depending on your genetics and how medicine advances, you might have a good chance of reaching 100+. Can we honestly assume that someone can work non-stop until the age of 70 - 80 – with no breaks, no sabbaticals and no flexibility?

How about you? Are you able to sit back and do nothing for some time, despite daily demands competing for your attention? And are you able to do it without feeling guilty?


If it is difficult for you to make time to just do, well, absolutely nothing, listen to my video or read on to learn about the benefits and how you can integrate it into your daily ritual.


New Year. What would you like to have more of in your life?

You might need some time to think about it or maybe you already know what you would like to leave behind. Is it resentment towards some recent changes that occurred in your life? Is it anger that is easily triggered without any obvious reason? Or, would you like to have more meaningful connections, more confidence and more joy in your life? Read on for guidance on how you could structure your thought processes, and find a link to a powerful breathing exercise I’ve developed to support you in finding more clarity.

Why it is Better to Prioritise your Well

Why it is Better to Prioritise your Wellbeing over your Happiness.

While many strive for happiness, taking care of your overall wellbeing is actually a more sustainable goal, no matter the circumstances your life presents. The pursuit of happiness is a universal human goal, but it is only a small component of your wellbeing. What you think will make you happy is often only a short-term fix. Read on to discover a deeper exploration into this topic with personal tips from Tim Martin, World Champion and Pro Natural Bodybuilder and Mia Jacob Yoga and Pilates Instructor.

What is loneliness and how can you manag

What is Loneliness and how can you Manage it? 

Why do our bodies experience social pain? Read more on what you can do to improve your wellbeing, prevent chronic loneliness and minimise the tremendous impact it has on our health.

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How to Master your Stress.jpg

How to Master Your Stress

Please find my personal stress management routine which promotes healthy levels of dopamine and encourages overall long-term wellness.

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Sleeping – the Foundation of Wellbeing and Longevity.

When did you last enjoy a deep sleep and how did it make you feel? A good night’s shut-eye can make you cleverer, more amenable, help you maintain your weight, and generally help you to be happier and healthier. Sleep is so powerful that it can help stave off dementia and depression. Sleep and wakefulness govern everything about our mental and physical heath. In this article, I will not only cover what is useful about sleep but also how you can improve the quality of your sleep so that you can be more focused, alert and emotionally stable when you are awake. It turns out that what we do during our wakeful state will determine the quantity and quality of our sleep. Below I will provide a range of tools for anyone wishing to understand more and improve their sleep and wakeful state.


Explore the Power of

Personal Branding and its Impact.

When thinking about your most favourite brands, what comes to mind? Is it the brand’s name or the brand’s attributes you identify with, or both? Attributes are a set of unique fundamentals that identify the physical characteristics and personality traits of a brand and its products in the market. The same applies to individuals, like you, and how your distinct personal branding appears online and offline. If done well, it will allow anyone – from your friends, future business partner or a recruiter – to recognize and eventually advocate for you, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate employee.


Are Mirrors & Christmas Bad for Us?

Based on research, not only are we not happy with our body's, but also,  two weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to break up. 

Read on why a simple life might be just better for us and what happened while I was living and volunteering for a couple of months in Senegal, West Africa. During this time, I was living with a local Senegalese family and working at a nearby centre that was set up to offer medical, educational and mental health support to talibé children.

Communication Skills that Turn Your Nego

Communication Skills that Turn Your Negotiations into Success

There isn’t anything you can possibly do that makes you more competent in everything you do than to learn how to communicate. Knowing yourself and the other party well, and employing different communication skills during your personal or business related negotiations, will give you a great advantage. 


How do You Establish Your Growth Mindset?

What do you as an aspirational future leader need to cultivate NOW to stay relevant in the market?

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How to Cope with Job Loss 

How my studies, meditation, coaching and lipstick helped me to successfully cope with my job loss during COVID-19.