My Testimonials


Jill P.

CEO| Global Publishing Company

"Iris was very instrumental in helping me gain clarity on what criteria my next home base must have to attract clients and support my lifestyle.


With her support, I set up a successful base in Paris. We continue to discuss future business opportunities and target markets to expand my global publishing business."


Phil Thierfelder

Doctor of Philosophy

"While I didn’t quite know what to expect, as I had never tried life coaching before, I ended up really enjoying the experience.

Iris worked with me over five sessions, each around one hour long. For the first two sessions, we worked out a long-term plan that would allow me to develop my career while also pursuing my personal interests.

We spent the third session on a time management plan that would allow me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  The forth and fifth sessions were around my transition back to Hong Kong.  


Since working with Iris, I’ve found a new job and have clear, practical plan of action for the future. Thank you, Iris!"  


Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen Photography | Primary Education Student -

Major in Creative Arts 

“In just a few sessions, Iris helped me to gain complete clarity about my future direction, something I had been going round in circles with for years.

Iris’s coaching style is warm and non-judgmental, and she coached me with the perfect mix of being practical and open minded, while her gentle and empathetic approach made me feel completely comfortable.

Our sessions were really insightful and enjoyable, and Iris helped me to sort through a jumble of options to come up with a future path that feels exciting and totally right.

I wish I had found Iris years ago, as her amazing coaching sessions were the solution that I had needed to get my life back on track all along.”

Melissa Bennett at 'Mel Bennett Fitness'

Melissa Bennett

Mel Bennett Fitness |

ICN Pro World Champion 2018

"I was lucky enough to be coached by Iris during the COVID19 lockdown. Our sessions truly helped me to gain greater confidence, clarity and motivation to pursue my goals. I found Iris to be very warming and easy to talk to in our sessions. Her kind nature put my mind at ease so I was able to enjoy the valuable process.

Each session was unique with Iris practicing different coaching techniques which really opened my mind and encouraged me to look within to find the answers and direction I needed while starting better habits. I now find myself more motivated and confident to take my personal life and business to the next level, and I am so grateful for Iris's help."

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Marie Andrieux

Customer Experience Designer

"I love my sessions with Iris! They have been extremely valuable and provided me with tangible outcomes. 


I was able to make clear decisions about a specific job offer and where I want my career to go. I also worked on my values and was able to create a plan of actions to help me get to where I want to be in a month's time. 


We achieved this only in 3 x 1h sessions! Pretty impressive!!! I highly recommend Iris, whether you need help with a specific question or you want to work on a broader topic you feel stuck with."

Zachary Syntageros.jpg

Zachary Syntageros


"As an aspiring fiction writer, I found it difficult at times to find enough motivation to push through the inevitable mistakes I’d make and finish writing a story. Iris provided me with enough motivation to keep making progress.


She was also very helpful in keeping me accountable to myself and in developing strategies to make more consistent progress. Iris was very patient and gave me plenty of time to think through my responses, which I appreciated. It was helpful for re-evaluating current goals and setting new ones."

Darryl S.

Testimonial received volunteering as Mindset and Career Coach

"Iris was wonderful helping me to get clear moving forward.

I highly recommend Iris and her team for the valuable work they are offering."


Lara Brown

Urban Planner | Researcher | Co-host Urbanity Radio

"Hiring Iris as my personal coach is one of the best decisions I have made this year. Iris is extremely skilled and effective at helping a person define and breakdown their goals, including identifying and preparing for any obstacles that might get in the way.


She uses creative (and fun!) approaches when partnering with her clients to help them plan for the future. I trusted her to help me with a personal, creative goal and I’ve been so impressed with her ability to keep me on track and accountable yet she balances that with compassion and thoughtfulness when I have gotten off track due to outside circumstances (it is 2020, after all). 


If you are looking for an empathetic, wholistic, and trustworthy coach to help you achieve your goals, whether your goals are personal or professional, you can count on Iris to expertly guide you there."   

Adrian Widuckel.jpg

Adrian Widuckel

General Manager

Colmed Group  

"Thank you Iris for your time to coach me through a brand new and challenging transition for our organisation. After each session I had a renewed sense of purpose, direction and clarity.


It can be lonely at the top and you provided accountability for me to continue on the path to my business and personal goals. You made me stop. Think about what those goals were and work backwards with simple steps to pave the way forward with purpose and vigor. Truly refreshing. 


"If you feel like you have lost direction and need some assistance back on the tracks to achieve your goals, I highly recommend Iris." 


Benjamin O'Hanlon

Development Consultant.
Co-Founder 3Bricks

"Choosing to invest in myself through coaching with Iris has been so valuable in a transitional time for me. Employing some very creative strategies, she coached and supported me in reflecting professionally and personally on the core of my beliefs and values.

Rather than professing feel-good platitudes, she has encouraged me to extend my ambitious goals and held me accountable by breaking them down into achievable steps. With Iris's insight and support I have transitioned into new employment whilst growing my own business, returned to Australia after almost a decade abroad, completed my master's thesis with an offer to publish in a professional journal and, reflected on my personal goals making more time for family than I have in many years.

I recommend Iris for those who are seeking a push to go after their dreams. She will be for you, as she continues to be for me, a genuine, worldly and transparent mentor and coach. "

Angela Andrews.jpg

Angela Andrews

Facilitation | Strategy | Behaviour Change | Sustainability

Director, ThefourthR.Co 

“Iris was recommended to me through a friend - I was looking for a sounding board to help me navigate through some work challenges I was facing as a result of the CoVid lockdown. During our sessions, Iris helped me explore my values, identify my strengths, and helped me gain insights on how I could overcome blockers to my progress. Her guidance has boosted my self-esteem and motivation, and I now feel confident in pursuing my new business vision. 


However, the greatest benefit of working with Iris has been exploring the broader range of personal factors that have shaped who I am today.  Iris is a wonderful listener and helped me to achieve valuable reflections and insights.  Her patience and support have helped me gain clarity about some additional changes I'd like to make in my personal life, and her calm and focussed manner is helping me prioritise these tasks so I can achieve my goals.  


Iris is kind, thoughtful and highly intelligent, and she has a genuinely curious and non-judgemental stance. I feel lucky to be working alongside her and to be the recipient of her guidance and support."

Sharon Niwa.jpg

Sharon Niwa


Personal and Business Consultant

"Professional Passionate and Personable

All coaching sessions with Iris have been diversely different ranging from practical planning to soul purpose defining. Iris creates an empathetic and professional environment to safely explore needs and aspirations, which then she equips with tools to achieve these and overcome specific challenges. 


I have appreciated Iris's ability to listen and draw on her wealth of life experiences without imposing this in a directive way. Iris has empowered me to move forward with clarity and definition. With great respect and thanks, Iris!"

Mira K.

Testimonial received volunteering as Mindset and Career Coach

"Iris helped me to visualise micro-steps and how to deal with roadblocks and setbacks.


She encouraged me to build support networks/communities and to get a mentor to keep the momentum going.


Thank you, Iris."

Trish Gooch 'Instructional Coach & Tutor

Trish Gooch

Instructional Coach & Tutor
at TG Coaching

"Iris has been coaching me during the last 8 weeks and her gentle nature has enabled me to regain focus, and positively move forwards in all situations and with all connections. Thanks Iris."